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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Things to discover in Venice : Burano

Dear readers,

I'm so excited that next year in May, from May 19th to May 27th, I will take a group of my fans to Italy with me, to show them my hometown, my beloved Venice, and some other beautiful places of the Veneto region. There will be two intimate concerts, and wine tastings and delicious food. And so much fun.

I worked with the travel agency to create a tour of things I wanted to show, things I love so much of the place where I'm from.

There are so many things and places that often are forgotten by the tourist guides and things that stay unseen by the tourists. Things that are for me the most magical and beautiful ones. If you follow me on my social media and read this BLOG you know already many of them and you also know how some practical suggestions will make your visit in my city more pleaseant and convenient.

The people that will join me next year  will have a real Venice experience, they will see Venice and the Veneto region in a very personal way.  
I really cannot wait.

Venice will be our home for 4 nights while in Venice, but we will spend time also visiting the spectacular lagoon. So after breakfast in magical Venice we will board our private motorboat and depart for our discovery of the lagoon.

One of the island we will visit is Burano. This island like most of Venice, it is run through by a system of canals. But what really make this small neighborhood stand out are the crazy colors each of the historic houses is painted in. 

In reality Burano is actually a group of four small islands linked together by a series of bridges, and held together even more solidly by their colorful painting trend. The eye-catching color scheme has been going on for decades. The houses pop with bright colors that almost look photoshopped as the homes are repainted every two years. Each house is painted a different color from its neighbors and in fact anyone that wants to paint their place needs to get approval from the local community government.
Yes, if you live on the island, and wish to paint your house, you must send a request to the government, which responds by making a note of the colours permitted for that specific lot of houses.

In addition to the uniquely painted houses Burano is renowned for its quality lace work. This is a family tradition that goes on for century in Burano, generations after generation.  
They even have a school for lace and a museum of lace.  

Although photography is prohibited at the museum and in the little stores that sales them, you can take plenty of pictures in the little neighborhood at the unreal colors of the fishermen’s homes.    

I always enjoy to visit the island of Burano. There is something magical and unreal about this little Island. And there are spots for gelato and lunch and pastry all over.....get ready for some delicious sampling while strolling around in a dreamlike mood.

To see the all itinerary of the trip check this link:

I hope you will be joining me for a trip to remember.

Much love,


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