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Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Today we travel to my beautiful Venice on the Rialto Bridge, the oldest bridge across Venice Grand Canal and for sure one of the jewels of Venice.

The Rialto, existed as a wooden pontoon structure from as early as the 12th century. Due to increasing boat traffic, it was replaced by a drawbridge less than a century later. It’s located in the historic heart of the city, linking the Rialto marketplace, where produce and fish are sold, with the old administrative center at St. Mark’s Square.

The wooden version was destroyed – rather dramatically- several times, including during a “ Colpo di Stato” “Coup d’etat” and collapsing during a boat parade. In 1551, the city government opened a competition to rebuild the bridge using durable stones. Many famous architects participated, including Michelangelo and Palladio. The winner, however, was Antonio Da Ponte. In a typical Venetian style, his winning design was very similar to what was there previously.
Like the wooded one, the new bridge has two ramps leading up to an elevated center section. Though many doubted that the heavy marble structure could support its weight across a span of so many meters, the design proved quite resilient, so much that it is still standing today after 466 years, to be exact. Build on as many as 12,000 wooden pilings driven into the marshy floor of the lagoon, this structure is a testament to engineering know-how of the Venetians.

With three walkways and a covered portico that runs across the center, the Bridge was once home to the traders and merchants who set up their shops here. Nowadays it still houses many little stores and kiosks selling Murano glass, fancy jewelry and souvenirs. With the mass tourism in recent years the Rialto Bridge is now primarily the domain of tourists and visitors who flock the beautiful bridge for picturesque photographs with the Grand Canal.

Still a much see of my beautiful hometown.
Tip: on the foot of the Rialto Bridge there is a small store that sells masks, called “Bottega Dei Maschereri”.  Make a stop to visit one the best authentic Venetian “maschereri”, mask makers, the brothers Sergio and Massimo Boldrin. Buy one of their masks to bring home with you a true piece of Venetian tradition and mistery.

From Venice With Love,


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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Unexpected art in Venice

The Venice Biennale continues to be a landmark event in the art calendar that attracts an increasingly global audience in my hometown.
It's like the most important "rendez-vous" for art lovers and artists from all over the world. 
Every odd year, over half a million people – collectors, curators, art lovers and everything in-between – land to my Venice to discover new work from over 120 artists from 51 countries. For many artists, the opportunity to show their work in Venice is a career highlight and that often leads to powerful work being created. 
Now in its 57th year, the Venice Art Biennale has set the tone for artistic discourse on a global level and presents work that is both playful and challenging. The title of this year Biennale is “VIVA ARTE VIVA”  "Alive Art Alive"  and the exhibition is curated by Christine Macel, the chief curator of Centre Pompidou in Paris. 
The Biennale’s president, Paolo Baratta has explained that Macel is “committed to emphasizing the important role artists play in inventing their own universes and injecting generous vitality into the world we live in.” 

The event has been in full swing since May 13 and will continue until November 26, 2017.

The epicenter of work can be found at the Arsenale and Giardini venues. I strongly suggest you visit the Biennale, but keep your eyes open also to the many pieces of arts that you will find around the City and that not require a ticket to be seen.  

Here some spectaculars ones:  

Support Sculpture by Lorenzo Quinn at Ca’ Sagredo Hotel by Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn. Quinn, known to use body parts (especially hands) in his sculptures, uses the gigantic limbs as a commentary on the fragility of our built and natural environment and its vulnerability to the forces of nature and man.

Golden Tower by James Lee Byars. It's a 20-metre-tall golden totem that has been constructed in Venice’s Campo San Vio and is towering  over the Grand Canal for the duration of the Biennale. The sculpture was created by the late American artist James Lee Byars in 1976 but is being exhibited in a public space for the first time. 

“Qwalala” Coloured Glass Installation by Pae White for Le Stanze del Vetro is on the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice. Le Stanze del Vetro presents a new sculpture by the American artist Pae White. Made of solid glass bricks, the piece is a curving wall that is over 75 meters long and 2.4 meters high. The title of the piece, Qwalala, is a Native American Pomo word meaning “coming down water place.” It references the meandering flow of the Gualala river in Northern California, which the work echoes in both its structure and layout.

“Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable” by Damien Hirst. Damien Hirst’s latest exhibition “Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable” fills over 5,000 square meters of space at the Palazzo Grassi and the Punta della Dogana (the old Customs House) on the Grand Canal. The exhibition consists of 190 works that express the story of a fictional ship wreck from ancient times. In the main atrium of Palazzo Grassi stands one of the most dramatic ‘discoveries’ from the underwater exploration – ‘Demon with Bowl’, a gargantuan statue over 18 meters high. After being quiet for many years, Hirst is back with a bang!

As I have said before I suggest you visit the Biennale if you are in Venice. It will be much fun and always offers a wide option of modern art and creativity. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and feel free to dress up with your most creative and crazy outfits to fit with the very immaginative and creative audience.

Here a nice video  where you can take a look at this year Venice Biennale and hear some visitors reviews.

From Venice With Love,


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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Where your mind goes, you go

As an artist, traveling is part of my job. And I really love it. I always get to learn something new about the world.  

And with the discovering of new parts of the world I also get to meet always new people and enrich my life with their stories and knowledge.

As you may know I recently started to learn Spanish. Also recently I have recorded my first Spanish song and released it as digital single, “Como La Flor”, the iconic song of one of my favorite Latino singers, Selena.
In a few weeks, I will release my second Spanish recording; “Gracias A La Vida” (Spanish for "Thanks to life"). It is a song composed and first performed by Chilean musician Violetta Parra.  
The song, that was inducted into the Latin Grammy Hall of Fame in 2013, is performed throughout the world, and remains as one of the most covered Latin American songs in history.
It is such a beautiful song which lyrics are still so relevant for this time in history where, even though we have so much, we seem to forget to be grateful and thankful for the simple things life has given us, like family, friends and love all around us. I cannot wait to wait to share it with you. I think you will love it.

I love to read inspirational and motivational books and I remember reading that “Where your mind goes, you go”. Funny that while I was so absorbed to learn Spanish and learn more about Latino music, while I was recoding my first Spanish songs, I got on my path an incredible opportunity.

I have been asked to record a duet of the song, Somos Novios (known in the USA as “It’s Impossible”) with the writer of the song, Maestro Armando Manzanero. Maestro Manzanero, who has received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in United States in 2014, is widely considered the premier Mexican romantic composer and one of the most successful composers of Latin America. 

So, next week I will fly to Mexico City to meet Maestro Manzaniero and to record his song with him. I’m still on cloud nine for this opportunity and honor and I cannot wait to meet this living legend. Amazing right?

And if that was not enough the recording so far has been unbelievable. If you follow me on my social media you know that we have recorded the music of "Somos Novios" here in Los Angeles at the legendary United Recording Studio at the beginning of August. I just had got back from my “From Venice With Love Cruise” in Venice with my fans and a little vacation with my parents.

With jet leg and all, I went into the studio and it was a dream, to say the less. To play with me for the recoding some legendary musicians I was dreaming to work with for years.

On piano and arranger was Cheche Alara, (pianist of Barbra Streisand and Musical Director of the Grammy Awards and the Latin Grammy Awards).

On Bass, the one and only Nathan East. With more than 2,000 recordings, Nathan is considered one of the most recorded bass players in the history of music. He has been churning out hit songs with artists as legendary as Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Whitney Houston, BeyoncĂ©, Barbra Streisand and Stevie Wonder and so many more). 

On guitar was Ramon Stagnaro (you may know him from all the Andrea Bocelli PBS music specials, but Ramon has also played and toured with artists such as Diana Ross, Celine Dion, Alejandro Sanz, Enrique Iglesias, Josh Groban, just to mention a few.

On percussion, I had Paulinho Da Costa, considered one of the most recorded musicians of modern times. Just to mention a few artists he worked with, Bee Gees, George Benson, Elton John, Diana Krall, Donna Summer, Ray Charles, Ella Fitzgerald, Bonnie Raitt, Lionel Richie, just amazing.

And last but not at least, on drums, my dear Brazilian friend and producer extraordinaire, Rodrigo Rios, who had arranged this magical and unbelievable “A –Team” for the recording. I think I will never stop thanking him for this amazing musical adventure.

I think dreams do really come true and I cannot wait to share the rest of this incredible adventure with all of you.
Stay all tuned for Mexico next week for the big day: meeting and working with legendary artist Armando Manzanero.
And of course I cannot wait to share the magic music that will be born.

I cannot wait,



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