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Thursday, September 15, 2011

A hot wonderful working summer!!

Dear friends and readers,

After a long summer break I’m back with my BLOG!!

Oh well the summer is my favorite period of the year: the sun and the warm weather give me energy and so much happiness!! Funny enough I’m always busy around this period! I didn’t have time to visit Italy and to go to the beach…but I had nevertheless great time singing and meeting new and old fans and friends!!

And a lot of great things happened as well. I was invited to sing at the Unico National Convention in Washington DC. It was a wonderful event. I got to drive there with JJ and Micheal Castaldo, a dear and talented friend who was also singing at the same event.

We left NYC in the morning around 10Am. Michael was the assigned driver, JJ the co-driver, me I was nicely seating on the back of Michael’s  beautiful and new Mercedes!!
The 5 hours flew by quickly and we were in Arlington around 3 PM. 

With wonderful Nasrin of Daniel's Boutique
The Unico Event had many sponsors. One of them, Daniel’s Boutique had offered to dress me for my Concert there. I was quiet flattered of the offer that I accepted. I would have never thought to meet one of the most adorable people ever and to find a new wonderful a dear friend.

So after checking into the Hotel and I was ready to go to the appointment at the Daniel’s Boutique to choose my dress for the day after Concert.

The beautiful Boutique was of walking distance from the hotel. So with JJ after freshening up a bit we walked there. To wait for me there was Nasrin, the owner of the Boutique. Her beautiful face with a beautiful smile and her warm embrace made me fall for her right away!! She was adorable.

One of the many wonderful gowns
Red my favorite color
A look at my body and she knew my size and what to bring to me!! I think that in two hours that I was there I got to wear at least 40 of the most beautiful gowns . We decied for two, Nasrin took some measurements and they were ready to go to her seamstress to be ready at noon the day after for the Concert.
Since we could not choose for only one we decided to have two of them ready….one for the show and one for the Fashion show that Daniel’s Boutique was doing the day after.
Daniel’s Boutique also had some great accessories for me to with the gowns. I was so happy, not only for the beautiful dresses I was about to wear but also to have found such a warm and wonderful person in Nasrin!
Well it was so wonderful for me to hear that Nasrin with Daniel’s Boutique would have loved to be my official stylist. I felt so blessed!! And yes now they are dressing me with their beautiful gowns.

Singing at the Unico in DC
With MaryAnn Re
Nasrin knows my size, so we discuss the event and I get them sent to me with accessories to go with via FedeX!! They have a beautiful website but at the boutique they have so much more dresses and styles!! Soon they will also be on FB and they will have more and more dresses on line for all of you to buy if you like them!!

In a matter of fact I got so many compliments for my dresses of my sold out Concert in Dix Hills : those were indeed dresses chosen by Nasrin form me by Daniel’s boutique.

The Stage
Dix Hills was another wonderful event of my wonderful summer!! My first Concert in Long Island. And I was so happy to see the warm response of the audience! 500 people in standing ovation after my rendition of This Is My Life, La vie En Rose and The First Time Ever I saw Your Face. Wonderful to hear them all sing with me Volare! A  wonderful night.

I was for more than one hour singing autographs on the CD after the Concert taking pictures with the so many wonderful new and old friends!! My Dressing room was full of beautiful flowers. Some wonderful friends of mine, Karen and Irene they even came all the way from Pittsburgh for the Concert. I saw them in the dark during sound check….that was such a wonderful moment!!! That was so very special!!

My wonderful musicians
The Stage
The Concert was magical and went so fast!! After the CD singing there was even a nice party organized for me by Kim DeFranco, such a sweet heart!! I had the support of so many people for this event and I want to thank them all: Charles Traina and Kathie Gallina who took care of my hair, the whole team of Anthony DeFranco Salon and Maria Traina

who really help me so much promoting this event in Long Island!! She’s priceless!! And thank you Roberto Dree for the pictures of the night and Franco Corrado for the video of it!!

With Maria during the promotion tour
Leaving the after party with my goody bag!!
So it was nice to hang up at the party with all those wonderful friends. What a night!! We all had worked so hard to promote the Dix Hills Concert…and we were so happy to see the success that our hard work had generated!! And we are ready to do it all over again since they already asked me back in Dix Hills on February 4th 2012!!

So now you know I’ve been working the whole summer to

prepare concerts, rehearse new songs with my musicians and selecting songs for my new CD and writing songs as well. It was a warm wonderful summer…there was no vacation for me at all but I love what I do and that is a blessing for sure!!

With the beautiful Eva Franchi
Stay tune for my next week BLOG about the Sergio Franchi Memorial Concert,

Love always,