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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

From Venice to Amsterdam, to London to NYC: what's next??

Dear friends,

It’s 2011 and this will be my 7th year living in New York City.
Many of you know a bit of my past, but some of you may not know it, so let me share with you some of my past wonderful musical memories!!

I came to NYC 7 years ago after my music got serious attention of a major label here in NYC. They thought that I had a special voice that could do well in the American market. At the time I was living in London already for a year, but I was ready for a change, so I took the challenge and I moved to NYC!!
In London I was basically working as a songwriter for the music publisher I was singed at, Right Bank Music, one of the biggest independent music publishers.
In London with songwriter Ben Robbims
My team at this publishing company had written songs like “Believe” for Cher, “Baliamos” for Enrique Iglesias and many more hits for Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion. In my year in London I got to write songs with some of the greatest songwriters and to have some great success with my songs that were recorded and sang by other artists around Europe.
It was during my year in London that I was also sent to do a wonderful writing session experience in Denmark called D-Pop, that completely changed my life and brought me to the USA. For 14 days together with famous songwriters from all over the world, we were writing songs from morning to night in a wonderful recording studio. The objective was to write a song a day for different artists who were looking for songs. We had to write and to record the song and have it finished by 6 PM. Since we all had so much fun, we ended up writing two songs a day…we went on after dinner till almost the morning too!! It was such a wonderful experience, very enriching. It was in one of the night sessions that two of the writers I was writing with, Joachim and Lotte, got the idea to write something for me about me, something in English!! You should know that previously my arrival in London I was living in Amsterdam, Holland. I had just moved there when I participated and won the song contest “San Remo Giovani Talenti nel Mondo”. This was a European version of the Italian festival dedicated to all the Italian young singers living abroad. I participated in the category singer-songwriters with my song “Solo Con te” (Only with you) and I won it .
The CD cover of my CD
Back side of my CD
That brought me to my contract with BMG Ariola in Holland. I had quit some fame with the release of my own CD titled “Cristina”. The first single, called Libera, was in the Charts for 6 months and did very well. I got even to do a nice video clip in Rome; basically the title of the song was Libera, which means free, and the video clip was me driving freely in Rome on my yellow scooter. So much fun and so many great memories!! After Libera the second single from the album “Cristina” titled  “Parliamo D’Amore” was chosen to be the sound track of a scooter campaign in Holland and Germany.

The Cover of Libera
With the third single” Amore L’amore”, another original song of mine, a dance song, I also did another video clip. So much fun!! So many wonderful memories. My team was the best!!
Because of the success of my CD’s  I got to perform many Concerts in Europe, do many TV appearances and even to sing in 2000 in front of 60.000 people during the Semi-Final and the Final of the Euro Cup Soccer (football). My CD with BMG was an incredible achievement already for me as a young singer and a songwriter. I had the chance to record all my own original songs. The CD was recorded in the major studio in Holland, the string orchestra was recorded in Belgium and the CD was mastered in the very famous studio in London; Abbey Road.

The cover of Parliamo D'amore

Shot from the TV while singing  for RTL 4 Program
Shot from the TV while singing  for  Staats Lorerij Show
It was a pop album sang completely in Italian. In Holland and Germany they do love Italian artists. I was having a wonderful time living my dream and all of that while singing in Italian.
I had never recorded in English previously that night in Denmark when my two fellow co-writers said to me: let’s write something for you about you. Well that night was born my song” Italian Signorina”, that as you may know was in my first EP ever released here in the USA.
It was that song that got the attention of some executives here in the USA. They were convinced that I had a unique sound that would do well in the USA!!
Oh well now you know I got here and where I’m coming from!!
I’m still working hard to fulfill my musical dreams. I want to bring to the world romantic music, entertain people with positive and uplifting shows. I’m planning to do Concerts all over the world and make many more CD’s for year to come…and all of this is happening because of the love of the support of my fans here in the USA and in Europe and the rest of the World, the hard work of my manager and the rest of my team.
I’m working hard but I love every second of it since this is my passion and was I was born to be: a singer!!
So stay tuned for more great news coming soon. I’m working on some great nice projects. For now I can say I love to be in NYC to be doing what I love so much and I’m so very grateful to have so many great people in my life guiding me and helping with my career and my dreams!

Thank you to my dear friend and PA Anja Visser who took most of the pictures you see on this blog.

Stay tuned for my next week blog about fashion!
Love always e un abbraccio a tutti,

And here below you'll find  more pictures from my memory line and some of the wonderful people in my life!!
Giada Valenti

Shooting the video for Amore l'Amore
Shooting the video for Amore L'amore

Shooting the video for Libera in Rome
Luciana touching up my make up in Rome

Shooting the video for Libera in Rome

On TV with Dutch presenter Fabienne De Vries
With Dutch presenter Rolf Wouters

More shoots from the TV show Televisione di Rolfo

Singing for the Dutch program Staats Loterij Show
Signing CD after my performance for the Dutch TV
With my wonderful team after the shooting of a promotional video 

Shooting a promotional video in Hilversum, NL

Singing for the Dutch TV program Staat Loterij Show
Shot from the TV singing 
Singing for the Dutch TV with Joke and Marielle
Mastering my CD at the Abbey Road Studio in London

Singing at the Arena of Amsterdam
Singing at the Arena of Amsterdam

Promotional picture for Libera

On the set of my  promotional Video 
Promotional picture for Parliamo D'Amore
Singing for Schreeuw van de Leeuw TV program 
Taking pictures with famous Dutch photographer Patricia Steur
Being introduced by wonderful Italian presenter Cristina Giorngo
Performing in Holland

With Aaron Winter  of Ajax before the game
With Dutch Presenter Ron Brandsteder

Singing at the Amsterdam Arena
With the team making the video for Libera in Rome

With my stylist in Holland Diane Beekman

Discussing the last details with JJ  before my performance at the Amsterdam's Arena

With the team of Radio 2 in Holland

With Giel Van Praag

Singing at the Final of Euro Cup in Rotterdam

The making of my CD with Alan

The Inauguration of Luchroom Sandy with the Major of Rijswijk

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Can beauty make us happy?

Cari amici,
 Last Sunday night was Golden Globes night in Los Angeles. 

With Gia & Mia Mantegna
With Joe Mantegna
I always love to watch those Awards, to see what stars are wearing and how do they look like. Yesterday it was so nice to spot among them my friend, wonderful actor Joe Mantegna and on stage to see his beautiful daughter, actress Gia Mantegna. Gia, who I met in Washington two years ago, served as Miss Golden Globe during the award ceremony, which means she was on hand to help out with the awards on stage. She’s a beautiful young woman, very sweet and kind, and also a great actress that for sure will go far!!
Gia Mantegna at the Golden Globes
All the stars, as we all know, all looked incredibly beautiful. They always do. Perfect makeup and spectacular hairdo, the sparkling jewels, those impressive high beautiful shoes and of course those gowns to die for. Just picture perfect.
I’ve been in the business now long enough to know that all that beauty that we see,  is partly from Mother Nature and great genes, and partly results of hard work in the gym, strict diets and good dermatologist to take care of their skin!
Brad & Angelina: some of my favorite
Michael & Catherina: always a class act

There is a great part of commitment to look that great, and in show business somehow you have to.
It is also true that if you see yourself over and over on TV or in the magazines, you start to see things about yourself that you would never have noticed!! And you want of course to improve those details. Nobody likes to see his or her self-looking bad! Right?
Anne looked so elegant in Armani Prive'
Mom to be Natalie was radiantly beautiful in Viktor & Rolf

It is a universal reaction that feeling good gives to human beings confidence. We all need it, artists or not!! 
Can beauty make us happy? For sure it can improve our overall evaluation or appraisal of our own worth and help us to face the world with more  confidence.
Having been treated for 6 month by one of the greatest dermatologist in NYC, Dr. Neal Schultz at his beautiful Park Avenue Skin Care office, I can tell that it takes really less that we think to get a better glow on our skin and to feel happier and confident.
Dr.Schultz office on Park Avenue
I’ve learned while being a patient of Dr. Schultz that the daily routine it’s an important thing. To use a mild and just good for our skin type cleansing every morning and night, to use a good tonic that doesn’t dry the skin, a moisturizing cream in the morning and at night and exfoliating our skin at night, are simple things that keeps the skin healthy and bright.

Lea was perfect in pink Oscar De La Renta
Olivia sparked the Carpet in Marchesa
 Of course there are also some simple treatments in the dermatologist office that can really improve the overall skin condition. A simple treatment like a glycolic acid every two weeks can really make our skin glow. I was actually stupefied of the results after a simple glycolic acid. Only a few minutes and such a wonderful difference in my skin.
Funny Sofia ruled in Vera Wang fitted dress
Mila was beautiful in Vera Wang
Scarlett was royally elegant in Elie Saab  

Dr. Schultz he’s a real doctor 's doctor, very serious and passionate about his work. Thanks to him I’ve leaned that sometimes we concentrate our attention to lines and spots, on in my case on little acne scars. And that’s what we want to eliminate. But most of the time is the overall skin that needs to be taken care. It’s about the health of the skin not lines and staff. And he was right: after my skin started to glow with the glycolic acid I was so happy and very satisfied with my face.
Mandy in blue Monique Lhuillier

Of course there are also some many different treatments we can do to improve our look. Dr. Schultz did to my face two laser treatments called Frexel. The results were incredible. Basically this laser, who’s done in his office and it takes about 20 min, produces an intense beam of focused light that can gently vaporize and instantly remove skin problems, like wrinkles, scars, sun spots. This kind of laser smoothed the appearance of my skin, taking away after a few days, small lines, brown spots and part of my acne scars. Totally pain free and only one or two days down time. That was such an incredible treat!!

Jennifer was beautiful in a white Zuhair Murad  

Well those beautiful actresses are all in the hands of some great dermatologists like Dr. Schultz. And I think there is nothing wrong in admitting that we want to take care of ourselfs.
Emma got an "Easy A" from me in this Calvin Klein 
In my experience I can say that I would rather pay for a visit to Dr, Schultz office than a new dress of a pair of shoes…a glowing face is a powerful business card that can really makes you feel like a million dollars! And you get to wear it day and night!!
Dr. Schultz has also of course taken care of one little moll on my chin that was removed send to a laboratory to be analyzed.
I know the focus is always on beauty, but a visit to a dermatologist for our skin is really a “must” for all of us! You’ll never know!!
Mine thanks God turned out to be nothing. But I’m very grateful that I took care of it.

So if you are in NYC I will really say: go and visit Dr, Schultz. You will love him. Not every day you meet a doctor with so much knowledge and passion about his profession. we all deserve a Star treatment here and then.
Dr.Schultz on Derm TV
If you are not in NYC, visit a dermatologist anyway in your city and watch Dr. Schultz every day on his very usefull program DermTV to learn simple tips about skin health!! . And you can also send  him your questions about your concerns and he will answer to you on the program. How cool is that!!

Also you can buy on line his incredible skin’s products Stallex. They are great!! Another star treatment that you will love too. I’m addicted to it!!
Dr. Schultz and his team are incredibly great and I felt so blessed to be able to be his patient. Now I can go on stage feeling confident: let the light hit my skin, the HD camera get closer….I’m not scared of that anymore!!

I wish you all to find a dermatologist as good as Dr. Schultz that will keep your skin clear, young and beautiful, and if you are in NYC go for a consultation: you’ll be thanking me for that!!

Hally was a winner for me wearing a wonderful skin and rocking a perfect body at 44!!

Of course a healthy diet is also important and crucial to look and feel great!! And so is to exercise regularly. You know me, everything done with moderation that’s the key. So I can still enjoy some chocolate here and there and great tasting food. As long as I contain my portions and I keep moving and being active…I need energy to keep serenade you!!
Happy and healthy skin to you all, buon appetito with small delicious portions of your favorite food and keep moving to the grove of this beautiful life!!

Stay tuned for my next week blog about …..surpise!!

Love always,