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Friday, April 21, 2017

Venice on a dish : Sea Bass Mediterranean style

Slowly but surely springtime is here and summer will be coming soon. Never too soon for people like me that love the warm weather and love to feel the  sunshine on the skin, walking on a beautiful beach and feel the sand on the feet. 

I actually moved 2 months ago to Los Angeles after 10 years in NYC and it is already summer time here. Even thought I still love the NYC vibe, I really love the incredible great weather they have here in California. I also love the landscape that reminds me of Italy, with the hills and cypresses all around. I love to take walks and discover everyday new jewels of the nature. I feel so calmer and centered when in contact with the beauty of the nature, and even if Los Angeles is a busy city, you can be in 15 minutes ride in contact with the totally nothing but nature. And I have found for myself a beautiful place to call home, near the action and yet quiet and immerse in the nature.

With the summer coming I guess we are all thinking about loosing some extra pounds we all gain in the winter. 
I surely do, because as a food lover that I am I always tend to eat some extra delicious food in winter, thinking that all the clothes we are wearing makes us extra puffy anyway LOL.

Spring somehow also always makes me feel like its time to renew and get back on track with things I may have let slip a bit in the winter time, like for me my diet.

So I asked my dear friend and celebrity chef Marika Contaldo Seguso to share with us a recipe that is beside delicious also perfect for staying on healthy diet, perfect to feel better and lose some extra pounds.

The whole roasted Sea Bass Mediterranean style flavored with rosemary, cherry tomatoes, olives, oregano. A real Venetian recipe with the savors of the lagoon of my hometown.

Here are the ingredients:

6 Servings
1,5 Kg (3,4 lb)  of Branzino di Valle (particular fish that you find just in Venice, can be substituted with Red Snapper)
6 small potatoes cut in 1/8 inch-thick slice (or zucchini, or eggplants)
20 small cherry or grape tomatoes

1/2 C of black olives (“Taggiasche” kind) 
1/2 C of Capers preserved in salt
1T Oregano chopped
2T of Parsley chopped plus

1Tbs of chopped Rosemary
To stuff the Branzino:
2 Parsley sprigs
2 Rosemary sprigs 

4 Sage leaves
2 cloves of Garlic

To season:
3T plus 1 T extra-virgin olive oil 
1/2 C of white wine
Salt and Pepper

  1. Preheat the oven to 400 F (medium–high temperature).
  2. Toss the potatoes in a large roasting pan with the tomatoes, olives and capers, 3 Tbs
    of olive oil, salt, pepper , rosemary, parsley and oregano.
  3. Spread the potatoes in an even layer in the pan and leave a few potatoes on the side.
  4. Season the cavity of the fish with salt and pepper and stuff the garlic, the parsley
    and rosemary
  5. Lay the fish on the potatoes and cover with the remaining potatoes.
  6. Scatter the tomatoes and olives all around the fish.
  7. Rub the surface of the fish with remaining olive oil and season with salt and pepper
    and the white wine.
Cover the roasting pan with parchment paper and bake the fish for the first 20 minutes cover and for 20-30 minutes approximately uncover until completely cook trough.
Discard the foil and baste the fish with the pan juices. Baked the fish for about 20 minutes longer or until it is cooked trough and the potatoes are tender.

Buon appetito and happy cooking,


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