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Friday, March 3, 2017

My favorite sweet treat: Galani

I'm so excited to share today the recipe of one of my favorite sweets: Galani or Crostoli. As you read on my previous BLOG, they are a typical dessert of the Venice Carnival together with the Frittelle, but with a much older origin.  

We Venetians have no doubt in recognizing the Republic of Venice as the birthplace of these sweets, but the Tuscans swear that they are their invention and call them "cenci" (rags) or “chiacchiere” (chatter). And so, almost every region in Italy, have christen them with their own name claiming in this way the paternity: from the “lattughe” (lettuce) in Brescia, to the “bugie” (lies) in Piedmont and Liguria, from the “frappe” or “flappe” in Umbria to the “sfrappole” in Romagna. Some regions have given their own spin to the recipe, that can include sprinkling them with orange zest or using anisette wine as the alcoholic base. 
All these names and variation for one very sweet thin ribbon-shaped dessert with a very ancient origins. In fact to trace the origin of these sweets, we should look back to the times of the Romans, who, during the Spring Festival, used to prepare, with the same mixture with which they made lasagne, made some cakes very similar to the modern galani, fried in pork fat and then covered with honey, known as Fritte.

Although prepared with the same recipe, the Galani, typical of the city of Venice, are strips of very very thin pasta cut in the form of ribbons, long or short, before being dipped into the hot fat. I galani are thin and brittle, while the pasta of Fritte is slightly less crumblier and thicker.

I have found out that they are called "Angel Wings” here in the United States. 

They are light, crispy and delicious.

Here is how to make them, according to the traditional Venetian recipe, thanks to my dear Venetian friend and Celebrity Chef Marika Contaldo Seguso. 
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500 gr  (1-1/2 cups) flour
70 gr (1-1/2 tablespoons) granulated Sugar
3 eggs (medium size) + 1 yolk 
70 gr (1 tbs) butter
35 gr grappa
1/3 cup of milk
Sunflower Oil
1 Pinch of salt
1 Vanilla Bean
7 gr ( 0,2 oz) cake yeast
Milk q.b.


In a medium size bowl whisk the eggs with the sugar and a pinch of salt until foamy.
Add the Grappa and then the sifted flour to the yeast. 
Add the vanilla seed with the butter and work the dough until it gets smooth and compact.
If necessary you can add a little milk.
Make it into a ball, wrap in kitchen film and let it rest for 30 minutes at room temperature.
Divide the dough in small portions of approximately 100 gr. (a fist size).
Roll each dough portion as thin as possible.
Cut in diamond shape with 2 parallel incision in the centre.
Fry with hot oil in a wide skillet 2-3 Galani at the time. 
Fry until golden.
Drain over a baking sheet and sprinkle with confectioners sugars before serving.

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