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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Grand Opening of Venice Carnival: The Festa Veneziana

2016 by Nu' Art and Gabriele Rizzi. 

The opening of the Carnevale is a major event in Venice produced and organized to perfection by big professional entertaining company that requires month of preparations.

2016 by Nu' Art and Gabriele Rizzi. 
A real show that take place in the water with light, music and dancers that really will take your breath away. This year it will take place on Saturday, February 11th and just like every year it will be in the Rio of Cannareggio. 

2016 by Nu' Art and Gabriele Rizzi. 
2016 by Nu' Art and Gabriele Rizzi. 
As usual the show is free and happened twice: at 6:00 and at 8:00pm. Just need to get there on time to get a good spot to see it. The Rio di Cannaregio will turn once again into a stage made of water where floating boats transfer on water the theme of Carnevale, putting on a magic show that delights thousands of visitors each and every year. 

Thanks to this magnificent pictures of the Carnevale opening night of last year you surely can get an idea of the beauty and entity of the event.

2016 by Nu' Art and Gabriele Rizzi. 

2016 by Nu' Art and Gabriele Rizzi. 
Here is also the official video of the Festa Veneziana of last year. 

But I can assure you that to see it for real will take your breath away : no picture and neither video can ever get even close to the real experience of my Venice. 
Venice is like Love: you need to be "In Love" to really know what love is. 

From Venice With Love,

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