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Sunday, February 19, 2017

From a Turkish acrobat to an Angel: a Venice tradition

Coriandoli e stelle filanti “confetti and streamers” launched in the air by children and adults, plenty of events and masqueraded balls everyday: Carnevale, the iconic celebration that defined Venice for centuries, that started last week is still unfolding.

My beautiful hometown, the city of love with the streets of water is during this week filled by thousands of people walking around Venice wearing beautiful handcrafted masks and costumes posing for the joy of the photographers and of the thousands of tourists gathering from all over the world to experience this magical and joyful event.

Tomorrow there will be one of my favorite events “Il Volo Dell’Angelo” the “Flight of The Angel. The Event was originally held on Shove Thursday, Giovedi Grasso, but it is now held on the weekend before and marks the beginning of the carnival.

Would you like to know what it is?

The flight of the Angel 2016 
It is a traditional event that goes back to the time of the Serenissima, in the 16th century.
During an event in honor of the Doge, a Turkish acrobat did something that stupefied the Venetians: with the only aid of a pole he walked on a rope from a boat tied in Riva degli Schiavoni to the top of St. Mark’s Tower and then from the Tower to the Doge’s Palace balcony.
It was the beginning of a tradition that has been held every year with various changes. First it was made only by professional acrobats and later by common people that wanted to show their ability and bravery.

The exhibition’s name changed from “Flight of the Turk” in “The Flight of the Angel” when for the first time an acrobat dressed with angel wings tied to a rope was let down the tower where at the end of the descent the doge himself gave the “angel impersonator” a gift.

Irene Rizzi, the 2016 Angel 
The event changed its name again into “Volo della Colombina” (“The Flight of the dove”) in 1759. In that year the acrobat dressed as the angel fell down over the horrified crowd. Since then a wooden dove substituted the men.
After the fall of the Republic, 1797, the event was banned (as many other traditions) until recent years.

Irene Rizzi the 2016 Angel 
Starting from 2001 “The flight of the Dove” become again “The Flight of the Angel” with the reintroduction of a real person instead of the wooden dove, staging the old ritual of the homage to the Doge. This announced the beginning of the Carnival of Venice with a triumph of confetti and colored air balloons.

Since 1999 after the re-installment of another traditional event “Festa Delle Marie", the winner of that competition will have the honor to be the Angel of the next year "famous flight" .

Claudia Marchiori: 2106 'Festa delle Marie" winner 
The girl winner of the 2016 edition of the “Festa delle Marie” was Claudia Marchiori and she will be this year Angel. She will be wearing a beautiful dress made also this year made by Stefano Nicolao, of the famous Nicolao Atelier of Venice.

While I’m looking forward to see this year dress here are some pictures of last year beautiful Angel, Irene Rizzi dressed also by Nicolao.

Irene Rizzi, the 2016 Angel wearing Nicolao dress after the Flight 

 On the top of the Tower a few minutes before the Flight : Mr. Nicolao last touch

Mr. Nicolao and the 2016 Angel Irene Rizzi taking a picture after the flight.

The magic of Carnevale in Venice is still so alive.

From Venice With Love,


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