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Thursday, June 30, 2016

The "Fancy Cars" of Venice

Gondola’s have become a city’s symbols of my hometown, even more than the official winged lions.
But did you know that the Gondola was originally invented as private transportation vehicle for the upper classes? You can say that they were “the fancy cars” of Venice. 
Until the 1930s, the gondola was fitted with a small cabin, that we call “felze” which served to protect passengers from the weather and also to give them some privacy, something that has always being a big concern for the Venetians.The windows of the felze could be closed with shutters, the original Venetian blinds. They were accessorized with beautiful sofas chairs and gold accents.
A good example of such a gondola survives in the courtyard of the Ca'Rezzonico.
Until the 18th century there were up to 10,000 gondolas. Today there are barely more than 400.
Yes very touristic and expensive, but I think a ”must” while in Venice.
For more fun facts and history of Gondolas and Venice you can visit my “Venice" segment on my official page
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