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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Places to relax in Venice: 1. Parco delle Rimembranze

My hometown is a small little city with millions of tourist visiting every day. At first sight it may look like a very crowed place. But there are so many places you can visit more peaceful, where silent will be almost the only sound you will hear. 
Happy to share with you some of my favorite place to escape the crowds and experience the real charm of Venice.
1. The public park on the Island of Sant’Elena: a haven of tranquility and greenery.
The park is dedicated to the Venetian soldiers who died in World War II, and it is said that every tree in the park was planted in memory of one of the fallen.
You can crisscross the pathways between the trees, around benches and to find the statues of notable figures, such as composers Giuseppe Verdi and Richard Wagner.
You can relax in the open air, have a quiet pick-nick time enjoying the spectacular views of the Venetian lagoon. Stay tune for more.
From Venice With Love,
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