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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Venetian Gondola's fun fact 3

Venetian Gondola's fun fact 3:
Gondola's have a purposely off-kilter design so it doesn't row in circles. Each gondola is 35′ 6″ long and 4′ 6″ wide, but the left side is 10 inches longer than the other. This asymmetry helps counterbalance the weight of the gondolier who stands at the back. It also compensates for the tendency of the boat to sway left as the gondolier continually rows on the right. The sleek and stable design of this flat-bottomed boat is well-suited to the shallow conditions of the Venetian lagoon and the occasional mud flats in the canals as it can navigate in only a few inches depth of water.
From Venice With Love,
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