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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Music fun fact: emotional attachment

Monday Music fun fact:
An emotional attachment could be the reason for your favorite song choice. Favorite songs are often context-dependent. Even though many people often change their favorite song depending on the most recent releases, it is proven that long-lasting preferences are due mainly to an emotional attachment to a memory associated with the song. 
La Vie En Rose of Edith Piaff would be one of my long time favorite. It reminds me of tea time as a child in Venice with my grandmother best friend, an old french lady and her stories about her life in Paris and this iconic singer that she had met. I was fascinated about it and it was this music, and Edith voice and her story that made me already at 4 years old sing and fall in love with music.
What's your favorite song ? What's your memory?
From Venice With Love,

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