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Saturday, May 14, 2016

The bell towers of Venice

Venice has over 200 churches.
This is an amazing fact considering the compact size of Venice. There were also the same number of bell towers.
Unfortunately, some of them were demolished because they were considered useless or unsafe. So we can remember those that are no longer there just in the paintings or drawings made centuries ago. However, there are still 140 bell towers and there are still more than 80 only in the historical center of the city. In addition to mark the hours and to call the faithful to religious functions, Venetian bell towers were also used as lighthouse for ships. The bell tower of St. Mark, for example, was covered with reflective sheets. The towers were also used as to control fire from the top of the belfry where the “guardie del fogo”, the firefighters were positioned.
Nowadays, you can still climb to the top of some bell towers and their only use is to see the breathtaking panorama with your love ones.
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