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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Heavenly harp and My Lullaby: what a start of the year!!

Ciao a tutti carissimi readers and friends,

How much joy can music bring? 2014 has just started and so far I love it!!I have so many Concerts coming up and so many projects to work on. It looks like it will be a busy year, but you know how much I love what I do: so the more the better!!

Picture Cover Giada Valenti

Thanks to the requests of many fans, my wonderful "Angels",  I have decided to release also in the USA my CD Cristina. The CD is a collection of songs I have wrote in Holland. It will be titled 'My Lullaby".

All the songs in the CD are very special to me. I wrote them several years ago and somehow are still so close to my heart! It was so nice to just realize that I'm still living happy and free, like in "Libera", still talking about love like in "Parliamo d'Amore" and following my dreams all the way like in "Come un Gabbiano"!! And wishing the same for everybody else like in  "Vivere Liberi".

I have decided to add to the new CD the two remixes of "Libera" and "Amore l'Amore" and a version of "Amore L'amore" done by the HitHouse. It is a mid-tempo ballad version of the song never  released before but that I always loved, as it has a romantic vibe about it!! Cannot wait for you to hear it!!

Gloria Galante

I always say that most of the people I love in my life, came to me through my music. And this is also the case with Gloria Galante. She's an incredible harpist. She was warming up the audience at my Christmas Concert in Newtown, PA last December.

I got to meet her after the Concert. There was a instant connection and while talking music we decided to make a Christmas CD together.

Harp and voice and of course other instruments to give different colors to the songs. Then and there a new music project was born. 

Trying Christmas songs with Gloria

And yesterday it was Christmas all over again, as I went to Gloria's studio to start working on  the CD. First decision to make of course: what to sing. So many beautiful Christmas songs to choose from. So we were trying them all!! 

Time really went so fast while we were drinking English tea and playing harp and singing.  

My first Harp lesson with Gloria

Besides having travelled the world as a musician, as a soloist and for big stars,  Gloria is also professor and creator of the WCU harp program and the director of the WCU College of the Visual and Performing Arts Harp ensemble. Since she knew the harp is my favorite instrument, she even gave me my first harp lesson!! She's so kind.....she said I'm a natural!! :-) Long way to go, but I would really love to learn to play it!! They call Gloria the "Heavenly Harpist" and I was for sure in Heaven!!

Playing the harp
Playing the harp
So much fun! What a beautiful instrument

Time really flew so fast!! Gloria and I were joined by her talented and sweet husband Fred. They are both incredible people calming,  positive and so talented and creative. 

Fred is also a very accomplish jazz musician and a sound engineer in Atlantic City, so it was so nice to talk, art, music, sound and so much more.

Dining at King George with Gloria, Fred and JJ

We ended the beautiful musical day, treated by Gloria and Fred to a delicious dinner at The Historic King George II Inn  on the Delaware River.

Music is really a gift from God. 

I left and drove back with JJ and we were both so happy and grateful for so much and now we had in our lists of things to be grateful for , also Gloria and Fred!!

So stay tuned for more BLOGS about this Christmas CD. It will be like a dream. I'm already looking forward for Christmas!!!

And next week I will share with you all about some other incredible projects I'm working on. One of them of course my project for PBS "From Venice With Love", my dream coming true and also my new project with the David Lynch Foundation and Operation Wellness Warriors. To be able to help other people with my music is a blessing and I cannot wait to start this adventure that will help others!

Love and baci,


For more about Gloria Galante

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