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Monday, November 21, 2011

My life: so much to be thankful for!!!

Dear friends and readers,

The autumn is getting along nicely in NYC:  we are lucky to have a very mellow and pleasant weather lately. If it weren’t for the beautiful yellow leaves on the trees all around it would feel like spring!!
I normally don’t really like this season but this year I kind of love it! And even if I still in my summer mood I’m also dreaming already about Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Actually I’m already working on the program for my Christmas Concerts and all that Christmas music makes me feel so happy, like Christmas is already here!!
And before we know it will be Christmas Day and the snow will be here and so will the cold weather! Somehow now I can’t wait!!

After my busy October month, I’m still running to the so many events I’m invited to participate every week and I really love it.  Last Friday I was invited to celebrate the third Anniversary of the Perry Como Lodge of the OSIA in Long Island and Sunday afternoon I was invited to a Wine Tasting in Long Island by my wonderful  friend radio’s DJ Rita Monte.

With JJ
With Rita & Maria

Both events were wonderful and I got to see many old friends and to meet so many new wonderful people. I really love my job: singing is my life and the joy that I get from singing and entertaining people is a blessing. And I do love to meet my fans and my supporters and to thank them for making my dream of singing a reality!! I’m so grateful for people that support my music and show me their love. I know I bring joy to their life but they just do the same and so much more to mine with their love and applause!! I’m so lucky!! I call them my Angels and theya re my wing to fly!!! Thank you all!!

With the wonderful Charles Traina
After the event I went to my wonderful friend Maria where Charles, her wonderful husband, touched up the color of my hair! He's the best colorist ever and he's being doing my hair's color for months now!! He's wonderful and if you need his service you can find him at Anthony De Franco Salon in Long Island. You will love him!! I adore him!!

Kathie working her magic with my hair
Talking about being lucky and having fun this week it was also a very special busy week: I did a photo shoot for my promotional campain for the Carnegie Hall debut on October 20, 2012 and the new CD as well.

Early in the morning ready for hair and makeup

For this photo shoot I wanted to wear evening gowns, just like I do on stage, and set the pictures in a very romantic environment. I was blessed to have the support of the Columbus Citizen Foundation that allowed me to shot in their beautiful building and a particular thank you to John Bode who did  arranged everything for me there. I have so much to be thankful for!!

The day started early: at 8:30Am my dear friend Maria came to pick me up with her wondeful sister Kathie, who was doing my hair for the shoot. We drove to the beautiful building and we did unload the car with some help: I had with me 14 beautiful evening gowns from Daniel’s Boutique, a suitcase full of shoes and a big bag full of accessories, like gloves and fur stoles.

Piera working her magic with her makeup

The girls of Pomellato
Piera, my wonderful makeup artist was already waiting for me ready to work her magic. Around 10Am also Alex, the photographer got at the location and started to adjust the lighting for the first shoot. 
Around 11Pm also the beautiful jewels of Pomellato arrived with security!

With my Angels Piera and Kathie
First Kathie worked her magic with my hair: straight for the first look. Then Piera decided to go for a natural glamorous look for the first setting. Around noon I was ready to go. Alex had prepared the set for the shoot and adjust the light to make the pictures perfect.
Checking the pictures with Alex and JJ
The pictures were taken digitally so we could right away check them on the laptop of Alex and made adjustment if needed on the light and the facial expressions.
First setting a romantic picture of me sitting on a chair!! After hundreds of pictures we had a few great ones and we were ready to change the dress, the make up and the hair for the second photo setting.

Another look for more pictures
We decided to wear a glamorous dress and to shoot the pictures standing in the hall of the Columbus Citizen Foundation. All my team of Angels, Maria, Kathie, Piera and JJ were there to check that all was going smoothly while Alex and I were having fun with the camera.
There was also a friend of Alex from Italy that was quietly filming the photo shooting for a documentary he’s producing.
I always enjoy taking pictures with Alex. He’s a great photographer and a dear friend. So it was not easy to strake sexy poses with him…I was more in a funny mood…but we needed the sexy touch in some of them so I was really trying my best!! And we did had at the end some good shoots!! I can't wait to share them with you.

With the wonderfu Piera and Kathie
It was time to change the look, the dress and jewels again. We decided to go for a more sophisticated one. 
Piera and Alex adjusting my pose and my dress before shooting
I was wearing a Missoni Gown and I was lying on a couch in the hall. Well I had to stay in a very strange position for my body…. so we were all laughing at the fact that the pictures were looking gorgeous, the pose was so elegant and looked so relaxed even if I was having cramps at my shoulder for that position…thanks God we had in no time some good shoots I could stand up!! 
But the pictures were great!!

Having fun with my furs with Kathie, Piera and Maria

Another setting, dress, hair and makeup!!

It was time for a new up do of my hair and a new dress and jewels. Before I knew it was already 6Pm and was time to call the day. We had shoot 1500 pictures in 5 different setting and dresses, hair make up and jewels. I did not even had lunch, only some little snacks that JJ and Maria were giving to me here and then. Now I was sturving...but I was so very happy and grateful to have such a group of Angels in my life!1 Thank you Alex, Kathie, Maria, Piera and JJ. I love you guys with all my heart!!

Having some fun with wonderful Maria

Amost done: checking the pictures
We started to clean up the room and it was time for the hugs and goodby. It was a very fun and intense day. As you can imagine I can’t wait to see the pictures and to share them with you. Thanks to Maria and JJ I have a few pictures of the making of the pictures to share with you on this BLOG!! Great memories!!

In a few weeks I will be doing a new photo shoot since I need also some pictures with a NYC's background. I’m already looking forward to another fun day with all my Angels!!

Stay tuned for my next adventures on my next week BLOG next week!!

Love always,



  1. I'm curious for the final result of those photos!

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  3. Thank you Susi......I can't wait to share all the photos with you!! I'm curious too!! LOL


  4. great pics...