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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ten romantic ideas to celebrate love!!

Dear friends,

Just two weeks to go for Feb 14, Valentine's Day.
Well it’s the festival of love and romance and a splendid opportunity to spend some quality time with our true love.
I personally I think that Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and love is something we all feel also for family and friends. So it’s not only about people in a relationship. It’s for all of us lucky to have a lover, a family and dear friends. For all of us!! I personally always celebrate Valentine's Day with everybody and have a great time with my sweetheart.
Well if you know me you know already that I sing about love and my shows are about love. I definitely love LOVE!! So my February BLOG posts will be dedicated to love!! 
I start today with ten romantic ideas that I did use to build some romance in my relationship with my special someone at Valentine's Day!! 
Try it too if you like any and feel free to let me know your ideas too, here on my blog: good ideas are always welcome!!Let's the celebration for love begin!!

1. Create a LoveFacebook

A splendid idea on Valentine's Day is to open your heart to the person you love and let know your feelings for him or her. An easy way to do this would be to create a "LoveFacebook". I guess we all have already one so you know that you can sign up for a free account and within minutes you'll have a page dedicated to you and lover. Keep it focused on romance with weekly or daily love notes, romantic poems and photos. You can even add a romantic love song that he/she loves very much in your 'LoveFacebook'. That way he/she will get to listen to her favorite song whenever he/she visits the page! If you both are private persons and don't like to let the world know about your relationship, you can sure make the page private. I did it and it’s my secret loveplace with one one friend!!!

2. Send an e-Card

You may have doubts whether sending an e-card will not be an impersonal way of communicating with the one you love. But trust me, this is a great way to add a little romance for someone special on a special day. Browse the various free e-card sites, one of my favorite, for a romantic e-cards ranging from the funny to the poetic and passionate. It is even better if you can send a personalized message with your card and sites like DeepestFeelings lets you do that. Put in a bit of thought to your message and rather than ending it casually, think deep and write from the heart . I’ve been doing this for a while, and also getting it back…it’s always so romantic and even if I know I’ll going to get one…well I’m always so looking for to get it with so much joy and expectation!!

3. Make a Video

Another splendid idea is to make a short video declaring your love. If you have a camera phone or a webcam at your disposal, you can easily make a video and upload it online in sites like YouTube for free. You can then send a link via email to him/her to check out your valentine video! If you don't like a public declaration of your love, you can keep it personal and have a private viewing of your video with your love one. It’s romantic personal and inexpensive!! And you can keep it and watch it back forever!  So much fun for years to come!!

4.Buy roses for your love

This one is especially for men, even if I think it's very romantic and unusual if done by a woman. Buy a dozen roses for your sweetie; hide them in different places in the house. Invite her/him to you place if she/he doesn’t live with you or just do it when she/he gets home from work if she/he does.  Hand over a rose to her/him as soon as she/he arrives. Attach a note to it informing her/him where to find the next rose. This should be the case with each rose and the last one should lead her/him to you  and by then have in your had a nice present.
I always say that it’s not the value of the present that makes the present…is the way you give to your love one!! So even a small thing will make a huge impression if done with love and if is personalized!! At least it is for me always!! Thereupon, treat her/him to a sumptuous dinner cooked by you at home or to a nice romantic restaurant!!

5. Candle-lit dinner

Treat your honey to a romantic dinner by candlelight. That doesn't mean you don't have to take your sweetheart to a posh restaurant and spend a lot a money, if you like that just do it. But you can also arrange your own candle-lit dinner at home. Cook up a splendid dinner together. Even a simple pasta would work; buy dessert from the bakery in the grocery store. Set the table, create a romantic atmosphere with candles, sweet snacks and wine. Have soft romantic music playing in the background, and dim the lights so that it's mostly the candles lighting the room. Then dress up and "attend" the dinner walking up to the table hand in hand with your love. You'll be amazed how much more fun it gives to have a candle-lit dinner at home. Once dinner is over, you can dance slowly to your song and then watch a romantic movie together. I’m always in places with many people around, so this is one of my favorite way to spend my special day ; just with the two of us!!

6. Prepare a dessert

This one is especially for us ladies, but hey nowadays some men cooks better than us!! Invite your honey and treat him or her  to a dessert dish. Find out about the favorite dessert of your partner if you don’t know it yet and prepare it yourself on Valentine's Day. Even if it doesn't turn perfect and your cooking skills don't prove amazing, he or she will be pleasantly surprised and love you for your serious attempt. It’s about love not about food. Right?? I was lucky a few times in making a nice cake, some other times not that much…but still it was fun and romantic…and something to talk about and to remember forever!! On the picture here you see my favorite cake "Tiramisu" I'm very good in making it, but a few years back, one of the first time I made it, it turn out so liquid that we called it "Tirami Soup"!!  But hey we still remember it and talking about!!

7. Balloons in the car

Sneak into your sweet one's car while he/she is busy at work and fill it with roses and balloons up to the roof. Also leave a note inside telling how much he/she means to you. Got this one too….loved it and I will never forget it!!

8. Walk on the beach

This one is for the lucky ones living somewhere where the weather in February is nice. Or if you are on vacation in a tropical place for valentine's Day!!
Take a ride to a nice quiet beach at sunset and park your car nearby. Take your partner's hand and take a stroll along the beach bare foot, watching the sunset together.  Stay awhile after the sunset and enjoy the sight and sound of the waves crashing into the shore, and the water of the see on your feet. Look up at the starry sky and feel the magic of the universe. I was few years back on vacation on Valentine’s Day on a tropical place and this romantic night is still my memory like it had happen yesterday!! You can follow this one with my next suggestion, just like I did.

9. Have a beach-dinner

Treat your love to a candlelit dinner under the stars, preferably to the accompaniment of some music playing off somewhere in the background. There is nothing more romantic than a dinner under the stars!!
You can arrange this also near a lake or a pond also so romantic. In this case to top it all, you can rent a small boat and row it after dinner to go out to the middle of a lake and watch the stars.

10. Love "Post it"
Leave "Post-It" notes with special messages hidden all over the house for your lover to find when they least expect it. Hide them in a pair of pants they have in the closet, inside every pair of shoes, under things, inside books they read, inside folded towels they will use, in the car, taped inside the fridge, on the telephone, in the sugar bowl, etc. It may take them days to find them all and they will love every one. I do this a lot and I love it....I have a long love relationship with post it!! Who knows me well knows it!! LOL

My idol, great French singer Edith Piaf, used to say: “Without love we are nothing”…so let’s celebrate love not only on Valentine’s Day but everyday of our life!!

And  stay tuned for my next week BLOG with more ideas to celebrate love!! And don't forget to send me here your suggestions if you have any!! Love is in the air!!

Love always,



  1. I'm available for receiving e-cards ;-)

  2. Me too Susi...those are always welcome!! Right?
    I love to get them from my love, my family and my dear friends!! There is always a reason for it not only on Valentine's Day!
    Every day we should celebrate the wonderful people we have in our life!
    Thank you Susi for being such a wonderful friend, fan and supporter of me!!
    Love always,

  3. As always, it's a real pleasure to read your posts :-) You are really a romantic woman ;-) Surely a lot of men would like to be at the place of your tender love ;-) Well, i have noticed your nice sentence "Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and love is something we all feel also for family and friends. So it’s not only about people in a relationship". Right...because love is on the air for everybody...and because you are my friend i want to tell you " Je t'aime". Have a beautiful Valentine's day with your lover and with all the people who are important for you. Big kiss from France Love u

  4. Thank you so much Vero for your sweet message!!
    I have always celebrated Valentine's day even when I was single. It's indeed the celebration of LOVE and we all have love in our life. Right??
    So let's indeed celebrate it and tell I love you to all the people we love in our life!!
    I love you too Vero. Friends, fans and supporters like you are real blessings!!
    Love always,

  5. Thank you for calling me friend. I like that!

    Number 11: writing a new lyric and singing a song.
    I would do it for sure. In fact I already did when I was like 5 years old ;-)

  6. That's a wonderful number 11th is always a romantic idea!!
    Thank you for the tip!!
    Well you know I've been doing this a lot!! "Solo con Te" and "But beautiful" have been two very special songs for me and my special person!!!!
    Love, G

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