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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Here is to a wonderful Old Year and to Wonderful New One!!

Cari amici,

Buon Anno a tutti.
Happy New Year to you all.
2010 was a great year. Got to work on my dream, my music. I got to travel with my show and got to meet and see a lot of you and it looks like 2011 will bring even more travel and more music with it.
I’m so looking forward to share with you everything that the New Year will bring.
I want to thank all of the friends that helped me with my Music Pledge. That was such an important thing for me and I was deeply moved by your support and help. All of you who helped me with it will be in my heart forever. You are part of my dream now and I can’t wait to come and to perform near you, wherever you are in the world real soon!
Thank you for being my friends, fans and family: without you being a singer won’t be possible!
I will get busier and busier but I will try to write my Blog every week this year to share with you my life adventures, but also recipes, info about Italy or any other place I will get to visit. And if you have something you would like me tell you, just write me a suggestion here on the Blog and I will answer to you here!!
I want to make my BLOG the special place where you and I will connect and find each other every time we want to.

As I always say I wish you love, since it’s the only thing money can’t buy and the only thing that really fulfilled our life completely.
And here are some memories and highlights of last year!!

I was honored to be “Woman of the Year “by the Commission for  Social Justice for being a good Italian role model.

I had the honor to sing the Italian National Anthem during the NOIA Event at the Waldorf  Astoria in NYC that honored Celebrity Chef  Lidia Bastianich and her family.

With Lidia Basianich  after I sang in her honor at he NOIA in NYC
I did my first Concert in Pittsburgh : it was wonderful to meet my Pittsburgh fans and friends!!

I went to Pittsburgh for a Concert and this was my welcome cake for my dear Pittsburgh's friends Karen, Mary and Irene.

I was invited to attend a very exclusive event at the Embassy of Monaco in NYC . I can't wait to go to Monaco for a Concert.
Last May I was invited to  the Embassy of Monaco in NYC to meet Prince Albert II of Monaco 

I did also my first Concert in Canada and I was special guest of Lenny Lombardi of the Italian Walk of Fame and the Italian Walk of Fame Gala. More than 2000 people attended my Concert . Incredible!!
The Italian Walk Of Fame was such a wonderful and positive event. 

Arriving in Canada for a Tv interview at Chin Radio fir the Italian Walk of Fame
With actor Armand Assante recipient of a Star on the Italian Walk of Fame

While in Canada I also did radio and a television interviews for Chin Radio. Met so many wonderful new fans in Canada!! Looking forward to go back this year!!

Interviewed by  Chin Radio during the celebration of the Italian Walk of Fame

With the Founder of the Italian Walk of Fame Jimi Bertucci and Marisa Beaco-Lang

With Ricky Martin, Dean Martin's son after accepting the Star on the Italian Walk of Fame fro his father.

With Frank Mancuso, CEO &Chairman of Paramount & MGM Studios
With actor, Star recipient Enrico Colantoni and Lenny Lombardi owner of Chin Radio

I had the honor to perform once again  at the magnificent “Sergio Franchi Memorial Concert. I love this event and I can't wait to go back this September!!
After my performance at the Sergio Franchi Memorial Concert with Eva Franchi
A picture of my audience that day
Getting my applause at the  Sergio Memorial Concert

Singing La Vie En Rose at the Sergio Franchi Memorial Concert
I was the headlines at the Mercer County Italian Festival in Nj and I went there with my whole band!!  A lot of fun on and off stage!!
Here I''m @ tbe Mercer County Festival in NJ and here I'm on the stage with my band.
I had the honor to sing the Italian National Anthem at Waldofof Astoria in NYC at the Columbus Citizen Foundation Gala. Always such a great honor to represent my own Country!!

Singing the Italian National Anthem.

Got to work with wonderful makeup artist Susana Hallili and photographer Steve Azzara on a shooting for "Supermodels Unlimited". I can't wait to share those beautiful pictures with all of you!!And yes as you can see I went back to my own dark brown hair!

With makeup artist Suzana Hallili and photographer Steve Azarra shooting pictures for Supermodel Unlimited
I did a little tour: Rochester, Cleveland and I went back to Pittsburgh.
In Cleveland with Etienne and Bill before the show

With my wonderful makeup artist Piera Canu backstage in Pittsburgh.

Showtime in Pittsburgh
While is Pittsburgh I was invited to be guest with an interview and a performance at their popular CBS morning’s  show “Pittsburgh Today”.
With Cristine of Pittsburgh Today on CBS
I was honored to meet Dana  and to be part of the event that her wonderful parents are organizing every year to collect money for reserch for the desease the Dana's having, NPC, a genetic disorder that prohibits the metabolism of cholesterol and other lipids.

With Dana and her parents at Dana's Angel Concert

With Smokey Robinson at Dana's Angels Concert
Also this year I had the honor to sing live for NBC4 for the Columbus Day Parade. Always a day of joy and pride!! This year I was also interviewed by the Italian Television Rai International!!
With great friend and wonderful actor  Frank Ingrasciotta after my performance

With Franco Schifani after my interview with Rai International

I also did a series of successful Concert in NYC at an Off-Broadway venue called Etcetera Etcetera. A great opportunity to work on new material and to create my new 2011 show!! So many wonderful new love songs.




With my musicians, Etienne and Saadi

My team had an incredible new addition of which I'm very grateful an incredible man, a man that has promoted and made famous in the USA artists like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Nat King Cole: Peter Bennett. With Peter in the team we have so many new opportunities and great projects that we are working on. Can't wait to share each and everyone of them with you soon!
With super promoter Peter Bennett

I ended the year with 3 sold out Christmas Concerts: such a joyful time of the year!

On a personal side I had a very nice and reworded year. Got to spend time with dear friends for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Eve. It was a wonderful year and I'm ready to enjoy everything that the New Year will bring alone.
Thanksgiving with the Peppe's Family in CT
Thanksgiving with the Peppe's Family in CT

Christmas with the Izzo's family in LI

Christmas with the Izzo's family in LI

New's Year Eve with Sonny Grosso and dear friends in Long Island City

Richard Vetere and Lissa
And got some new angels in my life: great dermatologist Neal Schultz taking care of my skin, Federico Salon taking care of my hair, Cento Food, Moletto Wine, Frank Valanzola, InterMediaPost and Famous Famiglia Pizza for supporting my tour, Ferragamo providing me with wonderful shoes for my Concerts, diamonds to wear at my Concert provided by Daniel K, Alex Kroke and Claudia Upton for their beautiful pictures,  and beautiful dresses designed for me by super talented designer Sherita Jennings of VisceraNY.
Thank you to all my friends and fans that came to see my shows last year: your support is priceless!! Looking forward to see you all again soon!!

Till then see you here next week with a new Blog about


  1. It's always a pleasure read about you, Giada!!!
    This new blog entry really ROCKS!
    All the pictures are Great!
    HAPPY NEW YEAR Meraviglia!

    2011 Be Magic!!!!!


  2. Grazie quel dolce era proprio bello e buono!!
    That cake was really beautiful and delicious!!
    Un abbraccio,

  3. Dear Martha,
    glad to hear that you like my first 2011 BLOG!!
    Ready to share more of my life here in the Big Apple and around the world with you !!
    Ad if you have something you would like to know ask me and I will write about it!!
    Un abbraccio,