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Monday, July 19, 2010

Life is beautiful!!

Dear friends,

Come state?

Well summer is getting hotter and hotter in NYC. I just love the summer!!
I keep myself busy with all the music projects I’m working on and I’m getting ready for all the Concerts that are scheduled for me this summer.

And in between I also moved to a new apartment!! No time to get bored really!! Life is beautiful!!

As you already know my biggest passion is music!! I love to write songs, to play songs and to sing songs!! And I love to discover stories behind the songs that I love so much!! Well if have been to one of my Concerts you know that I do share with you so many stories in between my songs. And I know you love them as much as you love what I sing!!
Starting with this blog today I want to share with you some of the wonderful discoveries I made about some of my favorite songs!!
Today I start with one of my favorite love song: the song that made me a singer: La Vie En Rose.

"La Vie en rose" is French for "Life through rose-colored glasses", literally "Life in pink", and even more down to speaking term Life is beautiful!!
It is for sure the signature song of one of my idols, the French singer Edith Piaf. I started to perform this song when I was 4 years old and I’ve learned French because of my love for Edith Piaf and her music!!
Piaf first popularized the song in 1946.
Funny enough Piaf had written this song many years before, just for fun on a request of a friend’s singer while drinking a cup of coffee in Paris.
A few years later Edith wanted to register the song but had to fight for it. Not being a registered songwriter herself, she needed a co-writer who could register the song. Edith was already a star in France at the time and so she went and asked to all the famous songwriters she knew to co write with her the song, to have it registered. Well nobody wanted to do that,  saying that the song wasn’t worth their name. Some of them even said to Edith not to ever record herself the song, since the song was ‘horrible”.
But Edith wasn’t a quitter. So she found a co-writer in "Louiguy" ,Louis Guglelmi, and recoded the song that became soon a favorite with audiences.
The song has become a standard and has been performed by many artists. It was given a Grammy Hall Of Fame Award in 1998. It has also become a generic song representing the French in foreign countries, as “Rule, Britannia and “Stars and Stripes Forever” and " have for Britain and the US, respectively.
But being Edith Piaff half Italian, her mother was from Genoa, and being Luois Guglemi a spanish musician of Italian heritage…I always like to think that the lyrics are French but there is an Italian soul on it!!

Here is my version of this beautiful song from my CD “And I Love You So”.

Stay tuned for my next music blog dedicated to another of favorite song’s “The Look Of Love” and stay tune for my Lifestyle Blog dedicated to the delicious San Marzano Tomatoes!!!!

Love always,


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