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Monday, January 11, 2010

Getting in the mood

Dear friends,

I’m convinced that the place where we live can give us emotions and create a mood of well being.
I’m always busy running around and working on my music projects. I love to be involved in all the details that have to do with my business, so I spend time not only preparing the shows, but also getting involved all kind of other details. I just love to know that everything is taken care off. I wouldn’t change my work for any other. I love to perform and also to travel, which is a big deal of my work. But I also like to meet my fans and spend time with all of them after my concerts, to stay in contact with them through the web also when I’m not on the road. I have a great job and it’s perfect for my personality….and thanks to God I also have the voice for make this passion of mine of singing my job!

But as you can imagine being on the road a lot, and almost all the time under the pressure of being under the spotlights, can at time be stressful.
Even if you are not in show business, I’m sure you have your share of stress too. We all are under so much pressure in our life that I think it’s important at time to stop and smell the roses. To relax and enjoy some romantic quiet time.

I love, when I have the chance, to stay at home and make my home a romantic place. I love to cook a nice dinner, to relax watching a romantic movie and to relax in a nice bubble bath. And since I’m a big lover of scented candles I like to always burn a candle or more in my free time. From candlelight I get a kind of quietness in my soul and I can finally relax.
Since candles are made from paraffin wax (which is petroleum) –– the most common kind used to infuse rooms with romantic ambiance, warmth, light, and fragrance –– and this is an unrecognized source of exposure to indoor air pollution, I try to burn candles made from bee's wax or soy. Although those are more expensive, apparently are healthier. They do not release potentially harmful amounts of indoor air pollutants while retaining all of the warmth, ambience and fragrance of paraffin candles.
I burn also some of the paraffin candles and I never had any trouble….but to be save, I try to light more and more soy candles.

One of my favorite’s brands of soy candle is “Jimmy Belasco Soy”. From this collection my favorite is the “Tuscan Sun “candle with Italian neroli, mandarin and sandalwood. It’s like  the scent of summer in Italy!

Another brand I love is “Votivo” in particular the Clean Crisp White candle. I love this one it’s the cleanest sent ever and it brings back memories of dried white sheet in a crisp morning in springtime in Italy. An overwhelming aroma of nothing but clean.

I also love the soy candles of “Archipelago Botanicals”, and “Jasmine”, with the familiar summer scent of blooming jasmine it’s my favorite.

I discover recently also the ”Aromatherapy Interventions” candles. I got as a present for Christmas all three scents.
“Arousal”, “Chill Out” and “Workaholic”.
The “Arousal” has the essence of jasmine, which is a proven aphrodisiac scent from centuries.
The “Chill Out” has the essence of ylang ylang and lavender that will induce a calm and peaceful state of mind.
And the” Workaholic” has the essences of citrus and sage of Bethlehem should have an energizing and uplifting effect.
Well in the description of the first one, “Arousal”, they state that even the romantically challenged will have trouble screwing this mood up. With the second “Chill Out” they promise to calm down people who’s having a problem unwinding, mellowing out or just shutting up. And the third one ”Workaholic” is for people who like to work 24 hours a day, 8 days a week.
I can’t tell about the real effect of the smell, but I can tell you they smell fantastic.

And if you like to embrace the wisdom of Astrology and Aromatherapy, you will like the Soular Therapy. They have twelve candles that represent the twelve astrological signs that govern our universe. Each exclusive scent utilizes ancient formulations of plant and flower extracts uniquely associated and beneficial to individual astrological signs. I only know the one of my own sing “Aquarius” and I truly love it. You can check this website you find out more about your own sing and specific candles.
They offer Soy-based Candles, Skin Scent and Body Wash.

Even if you are enjoying your candlelight dinner in a setting like the one shown in the picture here next, while lighting candles don't forget to be careful…candlelight is very romantic but a big fire is a kind of emotion we all should avoid!!

Love to you all and see you next week for another blog,


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