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Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's Christmas time!!

Dear friends,

How are you?

I can’t believe it but it’s almost Christmas! Eight days to go!!
I always loved the saying that “Christmas isn’t a season but a state of mind!! And it’s so true!!
Somehow everybody seems to be nicer at Christmas, everybody seems to have more compassions for others. We tend to be very generous around this period of the year!!
We are all very kind!! It’s like there are more nice people around!!

Well I wish this state of mind could stay with everybody for the all year around!! Can you imagine how wonderful it would be to see everybody so happy and nice everyday?

I have to say that somehow I’m lucky that I have in my life so many wonderful people: a wonderful family, many wonderful friends and incredible supportive and loving fans.
It’s like I keep meeting nice people, everyday and everywhere I go.

My grandfather Ruggero, a very savior man, used to say to me to treat people the same way I would like be treated!! So I’m always try to be kind and sincere with others, to bring joy and smile to their faces…and I must say that grandpa was right… I get back the same kindness and much more than that back!!

They say love is like a boomerang: you give it to someone and it comes back right at you!!

I have included in this blog a picture of me into a box….I still remember that day…it was the day after Christmas and I had asked mom to make a present out of me for dad that was coming home from his night shift at the Police Head Quarter in Venice.
I cried because mom didn’t want to close the box and wrapped it with paper!!
We left the box open and dad was very happy to receive me as a present anyway!!

I want to wish you love and happiness for this Christmas that comes and I’m looking forward to see you all soon,
And remember love is worthier than money!!

Buon Natale a tutti,

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  1. I loved this, Giada! You are the cutest little girl! You certainly embody the Christmas spirit with your loving and sweet nature to all you meet.